With RedSpeak you and your company can save up to 95% of time processing text. Try it for 30 days risk-free and see for yourself.Request A Demo
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Redspeak Cloud Dictation Software

Let your voice do the job

With RedSpeak you and your company can save up to 95% of time processing text. Try it for 30 days risk-free and see for yourself.

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RedSpeak is the only dictation software that helps you get the most out of your day

With RedSpeak, you can easily create professional letters, emails, reports and other documents using only your voice.


RedSpeak enables professionals to use their smartphone or digital recorder to dictate texts and upload them to our secure cloud, anywhere and at any time. The generated transcriptions reach up to 99% accuracy and are accessible using any modern web browser, with no need for installed software.

Stop writing visit reports

Create your visit reports as you drive away.


Visit reports for (account) managers, medical records for physicians and legal documents for lawyers can all be transcribed flawlessly thanks to our exhaustive trade-specific specialist dictionaries.

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Optimize your workflow using dictation

Your office staff can be linked to the portal to further process the texts using tailor made workflows.


Have your dictations delivered to them automatically for correction and processing and communicate directly through the cloud portal.


RedSpeak combines a web-based multi-user dictation portal with cloud-based professional speech recognition software. With the dictation portal, users can easily collaborate on dictations, from any device and using any platform. Thanks to our speech-2-text engine in the cloud, users can create dictations on the go – for the first time ever using any device and platform.

The only professional speech recognition compatible with Mac

We know it is important to be able to continue working across all your devices. That is why we have ensured our transcription portal works on all platforms: Windows, OSX, iOS, Android and even Linux.


You can record your dictations using a specialized smartphone app or with any digital recorder that records in the DS2 format.

Availability and pricing

RedSpeak is currently available in Dutch (both Dutch and Flemish accents supported) and English (Australia, New Zealand & UK; US English coming soon).
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